Combined Event (Running and Shooting)

In 2008, the UIPM Congress passed a motion to change the competition format of the Modern Pentathlon to combine the shoot and run disciplines. This is now known as the “combined event” and is the final event of the day’s competition.

The final event combines running and shooting in a 3200m race where athletes must stop four times to shoot a laser pistol (yes, LASER PISTOLS) at a target 10m away.  Once an athlete hits the target five times (or 50 secs passes), they can resume running.

In the individual competition, athletes start with a handicap start, approx. 20m run, to a shooting range. Only after having hit the target 5 time using an unlimited number of shots within the time limit of 50 seconds or the 50 seconds has elapsed, can the pentathlete start from the shooting station to perform the first running leg of 800m. After the first leg, the pentathletes return to their shooting stations, and then start the second shooting series.  The pentathlete repeats the same procedure for the second, third and fourth shooting series and running legs of 800m, then proceed to the finish line.

The combined event uses electronic targets which consist of one black single aim and 5 green/red lamps indicators.