Durban Central Biathle – BEACH Biathle

HI Everybody


Sorry to say that once more we have an issue with using Kings Park Pool for our Biathles.


We had hoped to use the pool on Saturday this week, but the SA Swimming Champs are still carrying on.

The pool is also booked out for the next 3 weeks as well due to various Championships taking place.

We have also gone out to various other public pools in the eThekwini region, however none of the others is really conducive to our requirements.


As such, we are going to make our last 2 Durban Central League Biathle races Beach Biathles.

2 events on one day (for those that want to or need to)

SO, this weeks is unfortunately postponed until next week Sunday 24 @8am, at Ushaka beach (see us next to the pier)


We will run the first set of races at 8 (as per normal) and then do a 2nd set straight after.

Time wise will all depend on amount of participants and how many races we have to make.

There is NO CHARGE

the running of 2 races on the same day, will also allow those that need to make up there 3 league races to catch up and qualify for EThekwini champs.


All rules stay the same for the events EXCEPT participants are not required to use shoes (they can go barefoot)


We are hoping that others members of the public might also see us and hopefully we can find some new interested people.


Once again , sorry about the change.

But hope to see you all down there for what should be a great morning