Durban Region Biathle – 2013/2014 season

Durban Biathle dates | 22/Oct/2013

What everybody has been waiting for :

Here are the 2013 and 2014 Biathle dates for Durban / eThekwini region.
We are still waiting for the organisers in the other regions to put their dates forward and we will send them out as soon as we have them.

25th October 2013 Series 1
22nd November 2013 Series 2
6th December 2013 Series 3
17th January 2014 Series 4
28th February 2014 Series 5
28th March 2014 Series 6
18th April 2014 Ethekwini Champs
30th May 2014 KwaZulu Natal Champs (team selection)
28th June 2014 SA Biathle Champs (KZN hosting)

Registration forms can be downloaded here.

Hope to see everybody at the races