Masters Competition Rules

Dear International Masters Family,


Attached please find the latest and final Version of the 2017 UIPM Masters Competition Rules, which will replace the interims version, that has been on the UIPM Website until recently.

This final version attached has been completely approved by the UIPM Technical Committee and will be valid for the ongoing period.


Most important changes:

– Relay (man and women) now again included (not only Mix Relay)

– Minimum starters for valuation changed back to 3 (not 4)

– Minimum Starters for teams valuation again 3 for men, 2 for women

– Original Handicap System installed

– Riding capabilities check revised

– Competition Jury removed (instead Jury of Appeal revised)

– Lead Time (500 P) for Individual 60+ Laser-Run re-adjusted to 7:00 Min.

– various other small adjustments.


Thank you, Philipp, for your valuable support regarding this process!!



Please note: For non UIPM approved Pentathlon and Tetrathlon Competitions (Classical Mode), latest Version of the 2014 Masters Competition Rules can be used.



Neuss Competition:

I’m very sorry to announce, that the 2017 Neuss masters competition had to be cancelled due to lack of applicants.

Instead my best wishes go to the Tartu Competition and may many of you decide to visit this beautiful location.



Best Regards

Peter Engerisser

2017 UIPM Competition Rules – MP Masters_final_marked

Masters Competition Calender 2017